1. What is the price range to hire indoor plants?
    The cost to hire indoor plants as a general rule is
    • $1 to $3 for Desk top plants/ planters
    • $2 to $10 for larger floor plants
    • $3 to $12 for troughs with three to four plants
    However the price can vary and is dependent upon many factors including:
    • Overall quantity of plants and containers
    • Number of large indoor plants as opposed to small plants on desks.
    • The quality, style or size of containers.
    • The initial indoor plant hire period.
  2. How often are the indoor plants serviced?
    Experience has taught us that fortnightly servicing is generally what is required. Some clients believe that serving more often will achieve a better appearance, in reality, over servicing to your indoor plants may do more harm than good.
  3. What does the monthly indoor plant hire fee include?
    The indoor plant hire fee includes all set-up costs, installation, regular maintenance and plant replacement. There are no additional costs. Regular maintenance includes;
    • cleaning, watering, pruning and fertilising.
  4. If we hire indoor plants, do we need to look after them?
    No. Our fully qualified staff will maintain every aspect of you indoor plant hire needs. In addition if there is something different you require, just ask the technician and they will go the extra mile to ensure your indoor plant hire is always looking like it has just been installed.
  5. What happens if any of the indoor plants on hire die?
    As part of the indoor plant hire agreement, all replacement indoor plants are included in the monthly fee. To be clear there is no additional costs.
  6. What happens if we don't like some of the indoor plants that are installed?
    It is not a problem. At no additional cost we will change the plants in question as many times as required to ensure you very satisfied with the entire indoor plant hire installation.
  7. Do we get equal monthly invoices or invoices based on the days in the month?
    Invoicing for the indoor plant hire can be done in several ways. e.g.
    • Indoor plant hire fees over $100 per month are invoiced monthly i.e. 1/12 of the yearly cost.
  8. Indoor plant hire fees under $100 per month are invoiced quarterly i.e. 1/4 of the yearly cost.
  9. Alternatively your indoor plant hire fees can be can set up as direct debit arrangement.
  10. We only have a small office, are we better off to buy the indoor plants or use indoor plant hire?
    Hiring in the long term is always cheaper, however the more precise answer comes down to cost verses skill and available time e.g.
    • Do you have spare time to choose and maintain the indoor plants?
    • Which green thumb in your office will look after the indoor plants?
    • If you're on annual leave, who will look after the indoor plants?
    • Is your time better spent looking after your clients or the indoor plants?
  11. On occasions we organise special events/conferences/exhibitions etc. can you assist with plants for these functions?
    These types of functions require a slightly different range of plants that may suit either an indoor or outdoor environment. Consequently we can offer a different service to cater for this type of requirement. As before there will be a cost consideration and you will be provided a proposal with several options in respect to plants and containers for your consideration.
  12. Can we change the colour/shape/size of the indoor plant hire containers?
    Again the answer is Yes. Similarly there may be an additional cost, however you will be provided a proposal with several indoor plant hire containers options in respect to colour/shape/size and pricing before anything is changed.
  13. If we want a new look for the indoor plant hire what do we do?
    It's easy, just contact us and we will re-invent a new indoor plant hire scheme to suit your environment. Naturally there may be an additional cost, however you will be provided a proposal with several indoor plant hire options in respect to price before anything is changed.
  14. If we need to cancel the indoor plant hire, what notice is required?
    Generally all indoor plant hire agreements stipulate the notice period, however in most cases one calendar months' notice is all that is required after the initial indoor plant hire term. In very large installations a longer notice period will be required.
  15. What are the advantages of indoor plant hire?
    • There are many advantages of indoor plant hire, but to mention just a few
    • There are no upfront costs when installing indoor plant hire.
    • Huge selection of indoor plants and containers not generally available in nurseries
    • When you have indoor plant hire you're not stuck with the same plants and containers forever, periodically you can partly or completely change the indoor plants and containers to the new look you want to achieve.
  16. Why hire indoor plants, why not buy them?
    Most professional organisations hire indoor plants because they generally don't have the right skill sets to choose and maintain indoor plants. Additionally the same organisations use indoor plant hire because they want indoor plants to enhance their environment for both their clients and staff.
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